• Product Code: GW3648D-ES
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

GoodWe ES series Full Hybrid inverter is best suited to grid-connected PV systems: enhancing self-consumption and providing 3.6kW backup power to essential loads in the event of loss of grid. It can intelligently control the flow of energy.

Note: Goodwe are changing cables from Amphenol to MC4. Please note there may be a change of cables in your order; this will have no impact on the overall product solution.

Both MPPT charge controller and inverter are fully integrated

Intelligent battery management function

Capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent

Compatible with various Lead-acid and Li-Ion battery types.

IP65 dust-proof and water-proof rating

45°C full-load output

Monitoring of inverters is free via computers or mobile phones and extremely easy to use

Fanless, low-noise design

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