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R9 2nd LiFe 51.2V - 200Ah 10.24kWh

  • The 2nd LiFe 51.2V energy storage system is a Lithium Iron Phosphate based system utilising 2nd LiFe Electric Vehicle batteries

to provide backup, primary and secondary power in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utility applications where daily

cycling of the system is required.

The system offers unrivaled value in terms of Life Cycle cost and Capital outlay, with class leading energy density, life time,

cycle life and high temperature performance


• Telecom Base Stations

• Data Centres

• Residential Backup

• Solar, Wind and Hybrid Storage

• Peak Shaving

• Off-Grid Living and Working


• Communication interface (RS485, Modbus)


Nominal Specifications

  • Voltage Window[V]: 51.2 (25.6 x 2) (In Series).
  • Capacity [Ah]: 200.
  • Energy [kWh]: 10.240.
  • Storage Charge: every 6 months.

Electrical Specifications

  • Voltage window [V]: 40 - 60.
  • Float Charge Voltage [V]: 54.4.
  • Boost Charge Voltage [V]: 55.5.
  • Bulk Charge Voltage[V]: 54.4.
  • Battery Disconnect[V]: 54.4.
  • Recharge Time (Hours): 2 @ 0.5°C
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2.


• Charge and Discharge Current

• Hardware protection

• Discharge control

• Charge control

• Cell voltage detect

• Cell balance

• Temperature detect

• Communication(RS485)

• PACK voltage detect

• Fault alarm

• Cell sample lines

• Short circuit protection

• Can identify large capacitance

• Capacity of the display

• Temperature detect

• Communication(RS485)


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Supports parallel connection

Lifetime exceeds 10 years at 25 C

External BMS (24 or 48V)

Lighter than competing Lead or

Gel alternatives

No active cooling required


Unmatched Cost per Cycle

Best Safety Record of All

Lithium Chemistries

Good High Temperature


Remote Management Capabilities

Operating Conditions

  • Lifetime @ 25°C: 10+ years.
  • Cycle life [90% DOD @ 25°C] 3500 Cycles
  • Operating temperature: Charge :0~+50°C; / Discharge: -20~+55°C.
  • Transport regulation compliance: UN3840.
  • Protection Class: IP20.
  • Warranty: 10yrs or 3500 cycles at 1 cycle per day (whichever arrives first).

Please note price includes Battery, cables and BMS only.

Cabinets can be purchased separately

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