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The REVOV LiFe B100 is designed to be a plug-n-play part of an Inverter Controlled

energy storage system which reduces installation time and cost. Anti-theft technology

makes the battery an undesirable target for thieves. The REVOV B100 is a

Lithium Iron Phosphate based system expertly assembled to meet the highest standards

of SAFETY, RELIABILITY and LONGEVITY. It is the perfect choice to provide backup,

primary and secondary power where daily cycling of the system is required or

desired. It is common to install just one battery to deal with blackouts but grow

the system later. More batteries can be added easily for clients who are

reducing their grid power usage in a phased approach.

LiFePo batteries are designed to last over 6000 cycles, making the

REVOV LiFe B100 ideal for residential and commercial applications.

This premium product delivers the highest quality, extreme

temperature resilience, high energy density, low weight in

a small form factor. REVOV LiFe batteries’

weight and size allows for wall and 19”

rack mounting.

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